3 Reasons Why Your Business Name Matters In Online Marketing

//3 Reasons Why Your Business Name Matters In Online Marketing

3 Reasons Why Your Business Name Matters In Online Marketing

The first impression is the determiner of the customers or online visitors course of action. According to Harvard research, people make a judgment within the first three to four seconds of contact. Within the duration, they know whether you are a friend or an enemy. In this case, your online store is your identity in the virtual arena. Hence, your business name can create a positive or a negative impression on your visitors.

But you may assume that the name does not have any impact on your business as long as you offer the best and quality services. You are wrong. Here are three reasons why your business name matters in online marketing:

Fluent company names enhance business success

For a person to reach your online business, they must recall your URL. If not, they need to remember your name. Naturally, people memorize simple and fluent names. Think of Amazon, Apple, and Walmart. The reason these brands remain in customers’ heart is the ease and fluency of their names.

In this regard, having an easy and fluent business name holds power to your business success. If people are struggling to recall your business name, they will definitely go for your competitors’ product. So, complex names mean lost sales and low revenue which will mean a failed business in the long run.

Easy to market

Imagine naming your business “The Satan Hub Inc.” do you think those think of Satan as the evilest thing will approach your store? Even if you are offering your products for free, no one will approach you. Now, if that is the case, how about marketing your products? Instead of attracting customers, they will be running for their lives as your business has an association with evil things. For this reason, you should ensure your name is marketable and makes sense. Always go for a business name that will make a customer think and develop some interests.

A good name evokes emotions

People always develop an attraction for good business names. For instance, most people desire to own a product from Apple. Surprisingly, if you ask them about the company’s vision and mission; only few will tell you what they state. Also, few people know the CEO or else the person behind it. Despite this, they have a positive feeling on the products it offers due to its sweet name. As such, if you want to put your company in people’s heart, the secret lies in naming your business.

As you can see, the name you give to your business is a pillar of your success.

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