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3 Reasons Why Your Business Name Matters In Online Marketing

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The first impression is the determiner of the customers or online visitors course of action. According to Harvard research, people make a judgment within the first three to four seconds of contact. Within the duration, they know whether you are a friend or an enemy. In this case, your online store is your identity in the [...]

Here Are the Most Effective Free Business Name Generators

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Are you struggling to get a business name for your prospective venture? You are not alone. Naming a business is a hard task for any entrepreneur. Even CEO and business executives suffer the same turbulences when trying to generate a brand name or change the company name to enhance their competitiveness. Nevertheless, there are several ways [...]

The Top Three Business Branding Tools

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Even with the most catchy and unique business name, without branding it, earning a profit will be a sweet dream. Branding is a critical component or activity for any business. It involves telling your customers and prospects who you are, your mission and vision, and assuring them of your purpose to provide the best product and [...]